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When you think of road surface work, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the pungent smell and the sight of workers in high-visibility gear spreading sticky black material. But would you ever imagine a company excelling in employee care and environmental protection in this scene? That’s precisely us! EcoVadis, the globally recognized authority on business sustainability, has awarded us the prestigious Silver EcoVadis Medal.

Our journey to this silver success involved a rigorous assessment of our ecological impact, sustainability efforts, labor practices, human rights, and ethical business conduct. We’ve proudly achieved an overall score of over 80%, catapulting us to the forefront of our industry and ranking us among the top 25% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. Yes, that’s alongside industry giants like Air France, AXA, Nestle, and Hitachi!

This remarkable rating not only fills us with pride but also fuels our determination to set even higher standards. We’re more committed than ever to making meaningful contributions to ecology, sustainable development, and the well-being of our workforce.

Managing Director, Colin Smith, added: “We are really pleased with these results. We work in an industry that is not generally associated with environmental practices, and we wish to buck that trend.   As a company we put a strong emphasis on looking after our staff and suppliers as well as our clients which EcoVadis have also scored us highly. These results are testament to the efforts of the whole team and demonstrate the commitment shown across the board. So I thank them for their continued efforts and support in driving the company forward.”