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Road surfacing, Dyce

Road surfacing, Dyce

The Robert Leonard centre had existing concrete car parking and delivery areas which had eroded really badly, down to the reinforcement in some areas.

We were asked by DM Hall to price for renewing the concrete panels but they told us that the factory units required access at all times. This put concrete out of the question. They then asked us what material would be strong enough to withstand the ardures of constant forklift trucks and HGV wheels scrubbing the surface.

We suggested a product that we had been using which was ideal for their needs. Confalt is a grouted material which is laid on an open graded asphalt (OGA) and is squeegeed over the top of the OGA to the point of refusal. This is left untouched for 24 hours and is then ready to be trafficked by all manner of vehicles and sets as hard as concrete.

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